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Cinematography Showreel 2016

Postcard From Perth

My 'Postcard' from Perth was shot over the course of several weeks as I tried to capture some of the essence of my city. Anyone can look at the typical 'touristy' promotional videos for Perth but I wanted to create something with a bit more of a personal touch. This video was featured in the local online newspaper, The Perthshire Gazette.

The Girl in the Flowers

This was a short film I produced while shooting with model Lauren Whytock. Take a look and see what you make of it. Shot on location at the 'North Inch' in Perth, the weather was perfect for what we had in mind, aiming for a dreamy, nostalgic yet lonely vibe that still manages to leave the viewer with a sense of hope.

Ny Fennee

I was invited to France last year by traditional dance group Ny Fennee where I filmed a miniature documentary showcasing the group performing at the Interceltic festival de Lorient. Over the course of a week I attended events of all sizes to capture them performing as representatives for the Isle of Man and got to sit down with them to record some interviews.

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