Benjamin Ellis

filmmaker | photographer



filmmaker | photographer

Cinematography Showreel 2016



As you've probably guessed by now, my name is Benjamin Ellis and I'm a freelance filmmaker / photographer living in Perth, Scotland. I made my first strides into the field of film/photography around four years ago and since then it has become a true passion of mine. I pride myself greatly on the quality of the work I produce, having received praise from both clients and professionals alike. I have a full range of equipment to allow full cinematic movement and I shoot my films in stunning cinematic 4K to deliver the highest possible quality and storytelling no matter what the project is.


While I focus primarily on film as a director/cinematographer and editor I'm no stranger to photography, having worked on many professional projects. As the two art forms tend to go hand in hand, I'm able to offer a wide range of services across filmmaking and photography to produce commercials, documentaries and corporate films for video or portraits, promotional photography and event coverage for photography. You can view my work in film or video here or if you're more interested in my photography work then you're welcome to have a look here.


When working with my clients I take the time to sit down and talk to really make sure I can produce the best possible results to your specific needs. In this medium, communication is everything so should you wish to get in touch, please don't hesitate to contact me here.




Benjamin Ellis Film & Photography
Benjamin Ellis Film & Photography
Benjamin Ellis Filmmaker Photographer Perth Scotland
Benjamin Ellis Film & Photography